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  • Aloe Vera for Pets

    Animal AloeAloe Life has formulated Animal Aloe to suppport Soothing Relief  and Repair from all skin and body conditions. Our All Natural Organic Aloe Vera works fast.  Aloe Vera for Pets - helping improve Skin Conditions, Digestion, Elimination, as well as providing Allergy and Immune Support. For Digestive support just squeeze 1 tsp for small pets to 1 Tbs for Large Pets into their food or let them lick it off your hand or a spoon. For skin conditions or first aid apply topically. The greatest part is have no worries about your pet licking it off because it is nutritious!

  • Aloe Vera Cleansing & Detox

    Aloecorp Aloe field 1 (640x429)The ancients called aloe vera "the plant of immortality". Dating back to 4000 BC, the entire plant -whole leaf, not just aloe vera gel with the unfiltered yellow sap and inner gel - was revered as an herbal medicine chest. It was used as an elixir in food or water for anything that ailed the family (1).

    Today we have many of the same health issues that were linked to poor health centuries ago, including constipation, lung and liver congestion, troubled skin, blood sugar imbalance, allergies, heart burn, poor digestion and gas, along with weak immunity. Health experts agree that using a quality aloe vera product supports all the pathways for body wellness, including detoxification(2)(3).

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  • Anytime Protein Smoothie

    61024238 - delicious banana smoothie in glass jar with drinking straw and bananas on table.

    Anytime Protein Smoothie

    8oz Water

    1 Scoop of Protein Powder

    1 Ripe Banana


    1 Tsp Daily Greens Powder



  • Recipe: Gumbo California Style

    This Recipe is from Karen Masterson-Koch's book Beyond Gluten Intolerance.  Make this delicious and hearty soup this Winter! Okra is such a unique vegetable and combined with  Filet Spice it is amazing!

    81558545 - prawn and sausage gumbo with rice and red pepper

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  • Aloe Vera gel for youthful skin


    Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Skin Gel by Aloe Life is like a facelift in a bottle! For a woman in her late 30's this is music to my ears ! There is no reason why skin has to rapidly age when the right nutrients are taken enternally and combined with Aloe Vera's  skin support used by Cleopatra herself! Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice when used in its whole form can support collagen production! Organic Aloe Vera Gel also has great carrying abilities to help draw in the nutrients deeper down into the skin's layers. It is great as an after shave or morning and night after washing face.

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