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Beyond Gluten Intolerance Book

Gluten Intolerance, Gluten Free recipes, Facts about Gluten

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Beyond Gluten Intolerance by Karen Masterson-Koch contains 3 books in 1 including personal testimonies and explanations about why people are not being properly diagnosed. * Health Book - including over 80 health conditions and 20 Healthy Focus Factors required to reach "Optimum Health". *Facts About Gluten - including the authors GIS Theories telling what they are and why it causes health challenges (of varying degrees connecting to other illnesses) even shortening life itself. *Delicious Gluten Free Recipes including meal planning, shopping lists and separate diets and supplements for the three GIS Zones plus a special TIPS Section for all people interested in becoming the healthiest they can be and more! *12 Chapters well referenced including: "Children's Chapter" reviewing fertility, pregnancy, toddler and family health goals plus the facts on vaccinations uncensored! *Also, a "Pet's Chapter" explains the importance of keeping a low gluten diet for pets too.


Thank you!Review by Linda
I just read Beyond Gluten Intolerance GIS. I can't count the mix of emotions I feel after reading and understanding every symptom my Mother and I have had throughout our lives. Sadly, we lost Mom before I found this book. Her doctors only treated her for the breathing problems she had. It was all about emphysema and fluid retention. A year and a half ago, I grew tired of the daily, middle of the night headaches. It was past time to pay attention to my own needs and figure it out. I'd given up all sugars for that reason years ago, but they still happened. If I ate low carb, there were no headaches. So maybe it was flour (?). In talking to our neighbor, she mentioned a word I didn't know. Gluten. First, I found a magazine that listed most of my symptoms. More books and magazines added much more to my arsenal of information. I still didn't know why some of the supplements bothered me. This book gave the answer to that and many more questions. My husband follows along with me and has seen many of his issues resolve. He no longer had a day of "cleaning out" from a day long session of diarrhea. Your amazing book has become my best resource now. It answers questions the doctors shrugged off or ignored altogether. It validates all the things my Mother talked about and all that I have experienced for so long. Initially, I thought this book was too technical to hold my interest other than using for reference material. As I got further into the pages and saw symptoms and causes in detail, I could hardly put it down. I found out why I can't take gel caps and why there is so much mucous production. Six months after beginning a GF diet, I discontinued the 2 breathing medications prescribed. The cane, knee and elbow braces are no longer needed. Brain fog is lifting. I realize I've had symptoms since age 9. 35 years ago, my hunt for answers began as migraines took over many days at a time. The hunt seemed fruitless, so you can understand when I say this book brought me to tears more than once as I found all the answers in one place. Thank you for working to put this kind of information out there for us. Thank you for the rest of my healthy life! God Bless you! (Posted on 5/22/2015)

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