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  • Anytime Protein Smoothie

    61024238 - delicious banana smoothie in glass jar with drinking straw and bananas on table.

    Anytime Protein Smoothie

    8oz Water

    1 Scoop of Protein Powder

    1 Ripe Banana


    1 Tsp Daily Greens Powder



  • Recipe: Gumbo California Style

    This Recipe is from Karen Masterson-Koch's book Beyond Gluten Intolerance.  Make this delicious and hearty soup this Winter! Okra is such a unique vegetable and combined with  Filet Spice it is amazing!

    81558545 - prawn and sausage gumbo with rice and red pepper

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  • Healthier Blood Sugar with Aloe Vera

    42314900 - multi generation family having fun in garden together

    Herbs really work! Hundreds of herbs grow around the globe and each contains different amounts of Food Nutrition along with special medicinal compounds, called Phyto (plant) -Nutrients. Together, these actives from the herbal plants support body wellness.

    The Aloe Vera plant works as a catalyst with smart food choices and supplements - to support many important health needs including healthier blood sugar. Blood sugar known technically as blood glucose is required for cellular energy and fuels every body function for both kids and adults.

    Highlights of Aloe Vera Support

    * Digestion, Energy & Detox drinking aloe vera

    * Allergies, Skin & Collagen Renewal with aloe vera

    * Immunity, Auto-Immunity Support drinking aloe vera

    *Increased Glandular Function with aloe vera

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  • Gluten Free to the Rescue for Families!

    beyond-gluten-intoleranceThe results of reducing gluten for my family with aloe vera and diet changes were dramatic! This included improvement of allergies, lung and asthma symptoms, skin issues, behavior, attention span, less frequent colds, and it gave constipation relief.

    Lower Gluten Foods or Omit 

    * Whole grains including oatmeal and brown rice.

    * Reduce Cane Sugar.

    * Reduce Cow's Milk, soft cheese and yogurt.

    When Karen Masterson Koch Clinical Nutritionist at Aloe Life wrote her book, "Beyond Gluten Intolerance", in 2012 I have to be honest I knew nothing about gluten besides that its found in bread! My youngest son at the time had just turned 2 and my older two children were 7 and 5. I had been raised eating and enjoying vegetables but we also ate brown rice and whole grains. I remember a birthday when my mom baked me a whole wheat birthday cake to squeeze in her healthful influences for the neighborhood children!

    As a young adult I swayed away from Whole Grains because my husband and  I prefer the taste of White Bread and Bleached Pasta and White rice. Little did we know - that was a better choice verses the Whole Grains which were being promoted as  healthier!

    My husband and I enjoyed a variety of proteins which is still a very important food group for every family. Yet the biggest hurdle was trying to get in enough fruits and vegetables we thought! It wasn't until we had our own kids that I realized how much of a big impact food choices make on one's health including GLUTEN! What I soon began to learn from reading Karen's book about Gluten and Health, turned my mind upside down on how I was to feed my family!

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  • Athletes and Aloe - Monica Brant Top Women’s Fitness 1991 - 2016

    Optimize your health and performance with Aloe Life

    "....people need to wean themselves off the junk food, eat higher quality foods while tuning up digestion to perform their personal best and Aloe Life provides this support inside and out!” - Monica Brant


    Increase Energy & Stamina

    Electrolyte Replenishing with 14 Macrominerals and over 50 Trace Minerals, plus greater Protein efficiency and more.


    Improve Endurance & Recovery

    Blood Sugar, Fat Metabolism plus Immunity, Oxygenation and Hydration of body tissues.


    Reduce Injury & Increase Body Wellness

    Builds stronger Connective Collagen Tissue Integrity and Phase II Liver Enzymes act as antioxidant.

    Professional recreational Athletes love Organic Aloe Vera

    Hard working, naturally talented and a health food junkie she continues to “WOW” the world with her Physique Championship titles. Her many other competitions including Track & Field events are inspiring to all.

    Monica became an Aloe Life Ambassador in 2016 when she wanted to do a Detox Program. Her research led to the Aloe Life website. She purchased the products that have helped so many people over the years; Detox Plus, Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice Concentrate and the Daily Greens powder by Aloe Life. As she states, “I loved the way I felt drinking the products and noticed a renewed stamina that I was looking for.”

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