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Kids & Aloe Vera

With all the scrapes, cuts, bug bites, sunburns and digestive upset that kids get growing up - every medicine chest needs Aloe Vera. It is safe to support the body for healing on the outside and internally for toddlers and children on the inside (1). Note: Over the age of 12 months or use your own discretion the staff has used it on 2 month old infants and up. Yes children can drink Aloe Vera! It is the most natural and safe traditional bitter herb when in the juice form for children and adults(2). It soothes stomach upset and encourages daily regularity without being a laxative. Topically Aloe Vera is a sulfur rich herb that takes the pain out of a burn or bite fast. Natural safe occurring growth factors, antimicrobials and anti inflammatory agents found in the yellow sap reduces swelling and stimulates new cell growth almost miraculously(3). Helps diaper rash too! Quality Aloe Vera products such as the Aloe Life brand contains all of the 200 constituents undiluted (including minerals that keep electrolytes plentiful) in the Whole Leaf Concentrated Juice containing more of the yellow sap. Two delicious 100% fruit juice flavored WL Aloe Vera concentrates are available, no sugar added and children beg for more. The Aloe Life Topical Skin Gel works more effectively than any other Gel on the market. Apply just a small amount for great results! Other benefits children have experienced drinking Aloe Vera include a decrease in allergies and colds, less labored breathing, calmer energy, healthier skin, less bed wetting and better sleeping at night. One explanation may be that the herbal bitter Aloe Vera juice taken before a meal encourages better digestion from the foods eaten. So always plan a nutritious diet for your children of proteins, vegetables & fruits with healthier snacks - and see for yourself how kids & Aloe Vera go together!

(1) 2003 Physicians reference only have information on the “drug laxative Aloe Vera” that is a purgative to the bowels. Properly processed Aloe Vera Juice in its whole form does not deplete children or adults of electrolytes because it is a high mineral containing herb which adds to electrolytes.(2) 1997 University of San Antonio, TX., Health Science Center, Mammals Showed No Toxicity Drinking Aloe Vera Daily - 4 year study. [25% longevity of mammals who drank Aloe Vera compared to Controls.](3) 1997 Aloe Vera – A Scientific Approach, Robert H. Davis, PHD. Aloe Vera does not contain any cancer or mutagenic substances. In other words it is 100% safe for children and adults yet use caution with diahhrea. The FDA study that showed cancer development in mice was due to the chronic diahhrea/inflammation confirmed by Japanese researchers.

 Pregnancy & Aloe

Aloe Life products are very beneficial when taken during pregnancy especially when properly filtered and processed.  The warning about use when pregnant is due to the laxative properties. Reduce your daily amount if diahhrea developes. The Aloe Vera Juice Concentrate helps to optimize digestion when taken daily allowing you to receive all of the value from meals. It also promotes regularity; many women suffer from constipation during pregnancy partially because of the crowding of the digestive tract in the abdomen and also because of a change in diet with more carbohydrates and less of the healthier more balanced choices. Aloe Vera Juice has been proven effective for use with diabetes which pregnant women are often plagued with; drinking the juice concentrate daily will help to prevent gestational diabetes (for more info see the aloe vera research page).

The Fiber Mate colon conditioner is an excellent dark green vegetable supplement that helps to keep you regular and provides dark green vegetable nutrients. It should be taken daily and is gentle but effective! The best part is that it is not addictive and will provide nothing but the best for a growing fetus.  

Daily Greens formula is a great natural energy booster and contains high levels of folic acid necessary for fetal development. It is a great substitute for your morning cup of coffee that you will be skipping for the next 9 months and if breast feeding the next two years. Daily Greens can be taken in water or added into a protein drink.  

Stomach Plus Formula is a tonic that naturally balances out stomach acids and helps with the dreaded morning sickness nausea. It can be taken throughout the day; since it contains all natural ingredients you do not have to worry about taking too much. Morning sickness will increase for individuals who consume too many carbohydrates. The first thing that mothers to be grab when fighting morning sickness is crackers and the crackers being carbohydrates cause a depletion of B vitamins and a depletion of B vitamins causes nausea. It is a vicious cycle; keep the carbohydrates low in balanced proportions with other foods and add a B complex supplement and you will be pleasantly surprised to have an improvement in the level of morning sickness.  

Make it your goal to eat the very best that you can during your pregnancy including lots of fresh vegetables, proteins, and whole grains. Skip sugary desserts and fried foods they aren't good for you either; your baby is relying on you to provide the essential nutrients for its development. Take a prenatal vitamin and supplement with Aloe Vera, Green Food Supplement, B Complex, Vitamins C, E, Cal-Mag-Zinc, Essential Fats, and drink lots and lots of water

Recommended Aloe Life Products: WL Aloe Juice Concentrate, Fiber Mate, Daily Greens, Stomach Formula.

Recommended Special Product Picks: Cal-Mag-Zinc, Nordic Natural Prenatal DHA or Nordic Naturals 3-6-9 or Flax oil, B-Complex, Vitamin E, Ester-C.

Recommended reading: Beyond Gluten Intolerance for fertility.  

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Aloe Life does not intend to diagnose or treat disease.