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Aloe Vera An Ancient Plant For Modern Times

Why Aloe Life Aloe Vera?

  • Best Buy & Value

    Since 1991 Aloe Life has been dedicated to developing only the best quality Aloe Vera products, at the best price, with greater health results. By producing a Whole Leaf Juice 4X Concentrate that's stronger, containing more value from the natural occurring actives - a customer takes a smaller amount to achieve superior support to body wellness; juices, tablets, herbal blends, daily greens, and personal care products.

    There's a BIG DIFFERENCE in Aloe products and Aloe Life gives the

    #1 RESULTS!

  • 100% Certified Organic Leaves

    Quality and Safety starts by only harvesting from certified organic fields without herbicides or pesticides and "No Glyphosate from Round Up". Quick washing, pulverizing then refrigerating the leaves further protects the valuable actives including the human immunity factor polysaccharides - highest in aloes. No overheating, filtration or diluting the juice with water, as is common. In fact gentle concentration is the next step, by reducing water and a quick flash heat to stabilize for safety, testing and almost ready for bottling (natural stabilizing agents) and then to the shelf for purchase. (1) Quart of concentrate is equal to (4) Quarts of juice.

  • Activaloe, Potency & Yellow Sap

    Ancient cultures dating back to 4000 BC traditionally used the entire Whole Leaf Aloe Vera plant containing the "Valuable Yellow Sap" for health support from A-Z. Aloe Vera was known as the Skin Plant, the King of Herbal Bitters (digestion), and a Fountain of Youth containing over 100 actives both nutritionals and (25) phytonutrients supporting healthier; digestion, energy, skin and body wellness. Research with Activaloe even supports immunity balance and cell proliferation and more - with 3500 research papers that encompass all the systems of the human body. Look for the dark color, herbal bite, No Water Added and Results! Satisfaction Guaranteed - Enjoy!