Allergy Relief

Allergy Relief

Looking for Natural Allergy Relief? Why Not Improve Your Nutrition & Drink Aloe!

Tired of dealing with family allergies? Allergies are up with Nasal Rhinitis, a runny nose, tripling in the last 20 years and bowel disease (linked to food allergies) skyrocketing. Johns Hopkins University estimates 45 million people have allergies. That’s 1 in 6 people seeking medical support with minimal results. Most give up on doctor visits and grapple with over the counter treatments to feel better.

Why Read this Allergy Article?

  • To Understand Why Allergies Develop in the first place.
  • Learn How Nutrition, Health & Aloe May Greatly Reduce Allergy Symptoms.

Understanding why most allergies develop may be motivational. The people I speak with are looking for the truth about health. Learning the facts and then applying what you learn can encourage you to take further steps required to reduce symptoms of allergies while improving the body’s overall health fairly FAST.

First and foremost in health and allergies is NUTRITION. What a person eats daily - truly affects allergies. When making healthy choices one must consider possible food intolerances. Choosing the correct foods for your body will calm allergy symptoms and support the balance of an overactive immune response (involved in allergies) and a lot more. In fact what you are eating or are not including in your diet (that is essential to the body) - may actually be causing a lot of the allergy issues to develop!

What Factors to Consider with Allergies?

  • Nutrition & Digestion
  • Bowel Health & Constipation
  • Quantity of Environmental Allergens
  • Antibiotic & Rx Drug Overuse
  • Heredity / Genetics

Nutrition is a factor in allergies for many reasons. The nutrients found in foods build the cells of the body and are also used in supporting systems of metabolism that affects one's daily digestion, bowel health and detoxification ability. Each of these areas are key focus factors in allergies that often need improvement. As each factor is addressed it may fast forward your body’s ability to lower symptoms and do it the natural way.

Aloe Vera may be a Health Shortcut!

A simple health shortcut of drinking Aloe Vera Juice (that includes the yellow sap) may give you the motivation to make improvements in your dietary choices. Even before making any dietary improvement the ACTIVES in ALOE JUICE supports fewer allergy issues. However, the correct food choices are also ultimately required to have the best results long term!


When I question people that are living with multiple allergies they are not eating regular meals that include a variety of foods. Often, there is a high tendency of eating more snack foods high in sugar, salt, wheat and milk and many experience bowel issues of bloating, gas, constipation or diarrhea.


Following a healthier diet (with certain food restrictions) can only bring about good results and may even give you allergy relief. Don’t panic friends perfection is not in my vocabulary but think 80% healthy with 20% flexibility in your food selections.

Keep in mind that many adults, once they start feeling better - often decide to eat healthy most of the time with just a little snacking on special occasions. Children require adults to prepare healthy food choices that limit allergy trigger foods. By toughening up as parents and exhibiting “Tough Love”, I find in just a matter of days to a couple of months time - the fussing and begging for sugar and junk foods reduce greatly. Let’s also keep in mind that when allergies and behavior improve in children the payback is worth the effort!

What is an Allergy Reaction?

Definition of Allergy: An allergy is a reaction of the immune system to a foreign particle (that gets inside the body or on the skin). This can bring upon an imbalance of the immune response (attacking the foreign allergen) which may result in inflammation and swelling of skin tissue.

At times this chronic response may even result in physical damage of the tissue lining. Common allergy triggers to which the body may become hypersensitive include; pollen, animal dander, dust, molds and certain foods (like Gluten, Milk, Sugar, Eggs, Peanuts and Tree Nuts).

Occasionally, a person even becomes allergic to their own body when sweating and will develop symptoms while exercising of a rash or hives. From a health standpoint this is a sure indicator that cleansing and detoxification may be beneficial. The articles on cleansing and detoxification on this site are valuable for both kids and adults!

Allergies can also bring about mental and behavior changes including; fatigue, confusion, argumentative and aggressiveness actions. Children may be born with multiple allergies even a sensitivity to their own mothers milk. In fact, more and more births are presenting a myriad of health challenges that may include; allergies, poor digestion, weak and imbalanced immunity, A.S.D. Autism Spectrum Disorder and lots of skin issues. To read more about A.S.D please see Chapter 9 in the book, Beyond Gluten Intolerance - G.I.S..

Allergy challenges are increasing in all age groups in developing countries. This includes toddlers, older children and adults. As a health educator, I find that all seven of the Allergy Factors may heighten allergic response especially the foods people eat along with how well their digestive system works.

Nutrition from Proteins, Vegetables & Fruits are Critical to Reducing Allergies!

The food groups that are especially important to lower allergies in the body are quality Proteins (a variety), and Vegetables plus Fruits (as tolerated). The minimum of protein is ⅓ of a person’s body weight in grams or approx. 50 - 100 grams of protein daily. Choices include (as tolerated); fish, lean meats, beans (lentils, pinto, other), raw nuts & seeds, eggs, hard cheeses, avocado and grains (low gluten).

Valuable protein (undenatured) also exists in vegetables and fruits yet in smaller amounts. A more in-depth description of protein is in the health book, Beyond Gluten Intolerance - GIS, in Chapter 7 - 8 elaborating on the support to the functioning of the body including; to build cells, hair and nails, digestive enzymes, hormones and antibodies (immunity).

Healthy Cells Build Healthy Skin!

Healthy cells build healthy skin which is essential to keep unwanted “Allergens” out of the body!

Research supports the fact that vegetables (a variety) give the body remarkable health value including the rainbow of “Antioxidants”, that may slow the aging process. The other healthy benefits packed in vegetables and fruits come from their; Vitamins, Minerals, Fibers and even some Essential Fatty Acids the body requires to build healthy cells.

Vitamin C in particular is critical to support the skin’s health through improving the collagen which appears to keep skin more elastic and also slows down the aging of the skin. However, along with other nutrients Vitamin C seals the tissues (glue like) closing the passage from the invading allergens into the bloodstream. Many people suffering from allergies successfully take a supplement of Vitamin C (and one that includes Bioflavonoids) that may give extra added support in the range of 500 mg. - 1500 mg. daily and partners with a quality Aloe Vera.

Healthy Skin is like Closing the Screen Door to Allergies!

The analogy that the skin tissue is like a screen door is my favorite to help describe the action of nutrition (highlighting Vitamin C and Aloe Vera) - that “shuts the door to allergens” therefore lowering symptoms. Building healthy tissue is paramount in the first step of keeping the environmental allergens out of the blood stream.

Why Not Optimize Digestive Support - Drink Aloe Vera!

Digestion must be robust as reviewed in several articles on this site to renew health. The body must process the foods to extract the vital core elements like Vitamin C.

Most people take it for granted. Yet by eating too fast and or too much at one sitting - a person may be cheating the body and lowering the value (potential) from foods and even supplements. By not honoring the way the body was designed to digest food - people miss out on valuable nutrients that pass through the body not being digested properly and absorbed.

People need to do their part and that is to slow down, chew thoroughly, and don’t dilute the food with ice cold beverages at mealtime. Alas, also stuffing more than 3 cups of food into your stomach at any one time puts the digestive juices to the test. The mantra that I use to not overeat at any one meal is, “You get to eat again!”

The subject of food allergies come into the discussion next to include; milk, wheat (gluten & whole grains, oats & brown rice too), possible eggs and nuts for some people and sugar. SUGAR? Yes sugar can be very damaging to the digestive process and body health increasing allergies when eaten in excess. Learning the facts about allergies would not be complete without mentioning what these complex carbohydrates have in common.

Often eating too much of these carbohydrate triggers may cause; bloating, nausea, pain, bowel irregularity and more. Each of these food groups and food additives like sugar have the chemistry of being “disaccharides” or two sugars. It is within this shared chemistry that the body experiences inflammation when attempting to separate the double sugars during digestion.

This reaction may also be experienced when eating related carbohydrates like thickening agents, capsules and soft cheeses. Weak digestive ability is a factor in allergies and poor health.

Hearing this explanation for the first time may sound confusing yet the book, Beyond Gluten Intolerance - G.I.S. gives more information (research as well) and includes more information about allergies plus over 80 other health conditions.

For now just note that eating foods that are simple - is actually better when food allergies exist. Drop the whole grains and include just white rice, white crackers and bread (wraps) if desired, beans, red potato and yams with meals (proteins, vegetables) and see if symptoms improve.

Some people are extra sensitive and feel their best not eating bread or crackers including PIZZA! Accent soups, salads and other good foods and try honey for a good sweetener (not in excess), xylitol or stevia extract - all very sweet that do not add to allergies!.

Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice Concentrate is a Favorite for Digestive Support!

To optimize digestion several choices are available to the consumer including my favorite of taking a quality Aloe Vera before meals in a juice or tablet. For kids and adults the traditional use of Aloe Vera, classed as an herbal bitter, supports healthier digestion taking it before meals. That is the best time to reap all the benefits or you may take it anytime as a First Aid herb and to support Body Wellness.

Studies with human subjects, conducted at prominent universities revealed improvement in absorption of core nutrients; Vitamin C, E and B12 into plasma - when combined with drinking a quality Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice. The results were significant and repeatable, answering more of the question of why people feel much better, more energized using a quality Aloe Vera product. Herbs truly work! Lots of Perks with Better Regularity of the Bowels Supporting Health & Allergies!

Elimination of waste from the body along with bowel health are both very important factors in lowering allergy symptoms. The body is designed to have daily elimination with a firm stool and with many people both young and old this is rare.

Recommended Product: Aloe Life FiberMate Natural Detox & Stool Softener.

Constipation and or diarrhea are common. A review of the article covering Digestion, Detoxification and Skin Health (on this site) will support the easy steps to Detox. It will reinforce the necessity of cleansing after living with slow bowels or chronic constipation (and even diarrhea) to achieve Body Wellness. Remember that many people reduce symptoms (including fast transit) by just making a few dietary alterations, like reducing the allergy food groups.

Highlights of Bowel Regularity

  • Freshens Breath & Body Odor
  • Reduces Stomach Bloating & Gas
  • Soothes Heartburn
  • Improves Nutrient Absorption in the Small Intestine
  • Increases Energy, Healthier Bowels & Body Wellness

Of course the level of exposure to allergens in the environment is a determinant of allergy symptoms too. How dense the pollens and mold counts are for example across the country will often determine the extent of allergy reactions. A small amount of allergens is easier to handle than high counts that may bring about a ten fold episode of sneezing, running nose, itchy eyes or even an asthma attack. So use common sense while building up your health and avoid heavy allergens in your home and outside environment avoiding; mold growth, chemical perfumes in dryer sheets and detergents, chemical cleaners, animal dander, sprinkle carpets with baking soda before a thorough vacuuming and check for mold growth around the house.

Genetics or Is It More Than That?

Why is it that some people react violently with heavy exposure and still others remain relatively unscathed? Genetics or is it more than that?

What I have seen first hand in nutritional counseling is that Allergy Reactions parallel to the health of the body, regardless of genetics. This is why more and more people including my family have improved their allergies naturally targeting Nutrition and Digestion. My husband and my two girls had a variety of allergic triggers (allergens that would bring about allergy symptoms) yet making just a few dietary adjustments and adding a few key supplements including a quality Aloe Vera helped them all feel so much better and the allergies seem to just fade away!

What Single Culprit Seems to Undermine Health - Sparking even more Allergies?

Antibiotics may directly be a catalyst for more allergy symptoms! Recently, the CDC Center of Disease Control has spoken out against the over prescribing of antibiotics once again. Many viral colds only demand rest, fluids and nutrition with the monitoring by a physician if symptoms remain high.

When a patient is sick with a cold of viral origin - giving heavy hitting antibiotics may have many detrimental downsides which may include the development of more allergy symptoms down the road. The connection of antibiotics to allergies lie in its action of killing off the bad bacteria yet it may also wipe out the friendly bacteria in the gut as well.

When the beneficial intestinal bacteria colonies have been reduced this may allow for more constipation to develop. The slow bowels appear to foster the overgrowth of fungus in the GI tract called Candida Albicans. It is the overgrowth of fungus throughout the body that may bring on more sensitivities especially allergies to molds.

Most health books elaborate on the ravages of this condition in the human body such as the The Yeast Connection - How It Can Make You Feel Sick All Over, by the author Dr. William G. Crook, MD. The important lesson to learn here about natural health is once a person rids themselves of the yeast overgrowth health gradually improves.

Candida can cause many problems in the body when it is present in large amounts. Symptoms include a white coated tongue, yeast and fungal infections, jock itch, allergy, chemical sensitivity and poor digestion and absorption. A diet high in proteins and vegetables and low in carbohydrates and sugars can help to discourage Candida growth, 1-3 ounces of Aloe Life Aloe Vera Juice taken daily, partnered with a good Probiotic supplement and perhaps a Liquid Silver may be very helpful for body wellness as it has been in my family.

Recommended Products: 

Aloe Gold Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice Concentrate

Dr.Ohhira's Probiotics

Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol

Heredity factors do play a role (20%) when it comes to food allergies as with Gluten and Milk Intolerances. To understand the food allergies that most people cope with see the resource, Beyond Gluten Intolerance - GIS, for kids, adults and even pets. The author’s advice is to stop eating the offending foods and then focus on supporting health outlined in this article.

What Triggers Environmental Allergies?

  • Increased Molds from Moisture & Rain
  • Heavy Pollens in Agriculture & Terrain Areas
  • Air Pollution of Chemicals & Toxins

Health is always a great support no matter what category of allergy a person finds themselves facing. I find that making healthy choices may make a dramatic improvement especially if adhering to a Healthy Program for at least 3 to 6 months.

This allows enough time for the body to begin cleansing and actually rebuilding healthier cells. From birth to death the body continually demands nutrition - to support the cleansing (detoxification) of old cells and waste out of the body and the manufacturing of new cells. Truly the body depends on nutrition - we are never all grown up!

Recommended Products: 

Aloe Life Detox Plus Formula

Aloe Life Detox & Renewal Bundle

My nutritional counseling of individuals, at the Livingston Allergy & Immunology Clinic in San Diego, California for six years, reinforced the importance of teaching people to eat nutritious foods and address weak digestion. The results spoke volumes about how the body works. Every man, woman and child who ate healthier and (more often than not) adding a few nutritional dietary supplements, felt better with less allergy symptoms of every type. Immune function within these patients soared along with other ailments from A - Z resolved.

Health is a Science Not a Debate- Get Healthy It’s Fun!

I am amazed with how little people seem to know about how the human body works. The role of nutrient dense foods to support the “health of the body” is critical.

In my college microbiology course - the professor confirmed the facts of health. The essential core nutrients are required for cellular life itself and are found in protein sources; fish, meat, beans, nuts and seeds and an array of all the fabulous vegetables and fruits. Serious scientists and researchers know how the over 90 core nutrients are required by every cell of the body to attain and renew health. This is NOT a debatable topic- it is SCIENCE and there are thousands of peer reviewed research papers to support the findings. Tuft’s Medical University is a great example of unbiased researchers that support health from foods and the value of good digestion.

Sometimes it is confusing to spot allergies correctly and I find it does take a little detective work. Symptoms associated with Allergies and Hay fever due to; Pollen, Animal Dander, Chemicals, Perfume, Dust Mites and Foods are similar yet also unique from one another.

Remember this common mistake, I find that sometimes an individual is actually fighting a cold or other virus and they just think it is an allergy flare up. The opposite also occurs that people think they are sick yet allergies are causing them to feel poorly. Get healthy it is FUN!

Common Symptoms of Environmental Allergies

  • Puffy, Scratchy, Itchy; Eyes, Nose & Throat
  • Sneezing & Breathing Difficulties
  • Fatigue, Mucus & Skin Rashes

When considering environmental allergies the reactions are due to a foreign particle (example pollen) actually penetrating through the weak cell membrane (tissue) into the bloodstream. This elicits the immune response of inflammation in the body causing the symptoms.

Food allergies are due to certain foods or anti-nutrients not being digested properly as in autoimmune reactions primarily in the gut. I.B.S. Irritable Bowel Syndrome or advanced bowel disease I.B.D. Inflammatory Bowel Disease may develop if the diet is not altered.

Internal molds, fungus and parasites may also come to play in the health of the gut and body tissues as reviewed, compounding symptoms. It is critical for medical personnel and or an integrative physician to give proper medical diagnosis and treatment for body wellness.

At home the individual may experiment with the diet and any supplements to see if symptoms reduce and wellness returns. Several books are available that can give more in depth understanding of the human body and guidance on nutrition and getting well again.

Recommended Product:

Beyond Gluten Intolerance Book 

Food Allergy Symptoms - Gluten, Milk, Sugars and more.

  • Bloating, Gas & Skin/Mouth Blisters
  • Diarrhea, Constipation & Brain Reactions
  • Gut Pain, Mucus, Ulcers, Diverticulitis and Failing Health

As reviewed there are a variety of factors responsible for the discomforts of Allergies. Some of these factors are Digestion, Nutrition, Environment and Hereditary weakness. The number one support that may reduce the intensity of allergies is to strengthen connective tissue called Collagen.

Already reviewed yet this may surprise you and worth another explanation. The example of closing a screened door to keep bugs, leaves and debris out of a house is similar to strengthening the body’s collagen which in turn builds healthier skin. Weak collagen tissue in nasal passages, lung tissues, and the intestinal tract cell walls (leaky gut) - allow foreign invaders (allergens) to enter the bloodstream and cause an allergic response.

My husband and children found that a quality Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice (concentrated if possible) had favorable results along with improved diet to reduce allergy symptoms. Not enough human studies have been conducted yet to show exactly the pathway of action Aloe Vera provides. It may just be the support of building stronger tissue strength in the proposed manner - as Aloe Vera has been found to also strengthen wounds for better tensile strength and resolution. More likely it is a combination of all of the pathways a quality Aloe Vera has been found to act.

When drinking a quality Aloe Vera Juice daily and providing the body with needed protein and flavonoids (Vitamin C rich foods) you may begin to support a more balanced immune reaction from an allergen. More research through double blind studies are needed to confirm this for support for children and adults. Yet it is fairly simple and safe to experiment for 3 - 6 months improving health and taking the safe products which by the way all come with a full money back guarantee!

Why Does Drinking Aloe Vera support Body Wellness?

Traditionally Aloe Vera has been labeled a “Bitter Herb”. This means it has an acidic pH which helps to encourage the body to secrete proper amounts of hydrochloric acid HCL in the stomach and Pepsin that supports improved digestion and absorption.

Many allergy sufferers have weak digestion which does not allow the body to receive the 100% nutritional benefits from foods and supplements. Once these proper nutrients are replenished the body can begin to build up the collagen and tissue structure to screen out the allergies.

The glucomannan complex found in whole leaf aloe vera may also help provide additional strengthening of the tissue cell walls. Natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic agents are also found in the yellow sap of the aloe vera plant which may help reduce swelling, pain and skin irritation quickly. Primarily these actives include; Campesterol, B-sitosterol, lupeol, and salicylic acid supporting the good results.

Allergies are associated with skin irritation such as; rashes, hives, and more. Many people with skin challenges of all types have received soothing relief from detoxing and cleansing of the liver drinking Aloe Vera. Soothing the skin and keeping it feeling good requires quality products to support the skin's acidic pH and proper moisturizing. Best to choose quality products like Aloe Life personal care products; Face & Body Lotion, Skin Gel or SG Aloe Mist in a spray with each having extra skin nutrients.

To encourage robust digestion, detox and cleansing support; drink 1-3 ounces of the Aloe Life Aloe Vera Juice daily along with the Fiber Mate by Aloe Life. Herbal Aloe Detox Plus Formula and Daily Greens Formula may also provide extra support for troubled skin. Both are great formulas to take seasonally for 6 weeks, 1-8 ounces for juice and 2 teaspoons (or 8 tablets) as desired, for a very effective Spring Cleaning (with more nutrition) year round and all products come with a money back Satisfaction Guarantee!

Feeling Good Again Naturally is for Everybody!

Health is for everyone young and older alike. Herbs and nutritional supplements may be new for you yet don’t be shy call the Aloe Life office if you have any questions 1-800-414-2563. There are no perfect people yet health is what the body runs best on and it fuels the brain as well as the body.

 *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products and suggestions are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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