Aloe Gold Tablets to Optimize Health!

Aloe Gold Tablets to Optimize Health!

Aloe Life Aloe Gold Tablets are amazingly strong in comparison to our fresh

juice! They contain the highest quality dried Whole Leaf Aloe Vera. Much more therapeutic  than other dried products, Aloe Life Aloe Gold tablets made from the barbadensis miller species contain no preservatives or gelatin from capsules that can be irritating for bowel distress. Processed through a unique low temperature dehydration method never exceeding 200F, the valuable polysaccharide bonds, enzymes and other important constituents remain active. 2 Tablets are equal to 1 ounce of the Aloe Life Juice Concentrate. Take the taste test and bite into a tablet and you can taste the bitter taste that proves the superiority of the product!

How do Aloe Gold Tablets work?


  • Helps digestion by encouraging proper hydrochloric acid, stimulates pancreatic enzymes and bile from the liver for fat, protein and carbohydrate digestion.
  • Optimizes digestion which encourages greater absorption of nutrients from food and other supplements. Research from Korea revealed quality Aloe Vera is a carrier up to 10x greater.
  • Growth factors found in the plant stimulate collagen production  which speed healing and promotes the growth of healthy skin cells therefore improving ones complexion, wounds and reversing scars.
  • Cleanses the body of environmental toxins and waste build up in organs and tissues allowing maximum rejuvenation of the immune system.

Aloe Life Aloe Gold Juice and tablets contain allowable levels of the yellow sap that you can taste and see. Research holds the yellow sap responsible for anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory support observed from Whole Leaf Aloe Vera!

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