Aloe Vera Home Remedy

Aloe Vera Home Remedy

Aloe Vera Home Remedy

Aloe Life Aloe Vera products should be in every home. Organic Aloe Vera is the perfect all natural go to ingredient whether you have a home with small children or not. Once you have it you will be amazed at the limitless applications. With a handy husband who loves the outdoors and carpentry, 3 boys and a daughter who plays side by side with her brothers - our active family's Aloe Vera applications include;

* Aloe Vera for Burns, Rashes & Scratches

* Topical Aloe Vera for Skin Care after Gardening

* Aloe Vera for Injuries, Bee Stings & Sunburns

* Aloe for Skin & Hair Care

*  Pure Aloe Vera Juice or Gel for Family Pets

* Health & Digestion Support with Aloe Vera Supplements

For burns in the kitchen or my 6 year old's attempt at using a hot glue gun, I reach for Skin Gel and it works fast to soothe the pain. Made from the Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice and contains the Yellow Sap, it is the best support for various injuries.  It is concentrated and keeps the skin moistened - so often the skin will not even blister. 

The spray Aloe Life SG Aloe Mist is my personal favorite soothing any surface scratches or painful sunburns especially while cooking or gardening and to protect from the suns damage.  An important highlight of Aloe Life's topical aloe vera products, as I mentioned is they are concentrated aloe vera products (not diluted) so they get to work fast, in just seconds giving support and relief. Great when you have a fussy crying child - right?

My 1 year old toddler developed a mysterious rash on his head and neck that he scratches. I haven't quite figured out what it is yet, until I do - Aloe Life Skin Gel Topical or the Aloe Life Aloe Mist Spray to the rescue. Both of these two products helped support the fast resolution of wounds from my 11 year old's bicycle accident. He applied them twice a day. Not only did they support the recovery from his biking incident they also improved a scar on his elbow from a previous scooter accident.

Traveling with Aloe based Skin Care Products

My tip is to bring the topical Aloe Vera on all outings whether it be to the store shopping or "beach or lakefront" outings. You will be very happy you did. Perfect for the unexpected accidents that can happen with healthy active kids. To my amazement my daughter has been stung by a bee - at both the lake and the beach so now I make sure to bring not only Aloe Vera but also the tweezers for stinger removal!

Aloe Vera Products in Every Room

At home you will find so many great uses for Aloe, especially for personal care including; hair, troubled skin, teeth &  gums and more. Aloe Life Skin Gel even makes an excellent natural face lift in a bottle. Truly after weaning my children my skin was looking pretty scary. My hair needed help too. Aloe to the rescue again! 

Eating healthy is definitely important for skin, hair and health. I love taking Aloe Life Daily Greens Formula in my morning protein shake. I found the daily support I needed from Aloe Life using the following products; Aloe Life Daily Greens Formula, Aloe Life Multivitamin, Aloe Life Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice along with the Aloe Life Skin Care products. 

Aloe Vera Skin Care 

Aloe Life Skin Gel for night time then the Aloe Life Face & Body Lotion after a mild cleansing to protect. Mornings, I look forward to the refresh from the Aloe Life SG Aloe Mist spray, its an astringent to close pores (after light washing) and then the Face & Body Lotion, I am ready to face the day.  That is after I brush my teeth with an extra squirt of the Tooth Gel - it supports the gums to be healthy during my very busy day. 

Hair Care with Aloe Vera

Hair care is also enhanced with a small dab of Aloe Vera Skin Gel on scalp and combed through ones hair. It helps with healthy styling especially if coloring your hair. Solids build up from many other products that can cause the natural dyes to not be absorbed. Also, traditionally Aloe Vera supports hair loss and thicker hair. My husband loves using Aloe Vera for first aid & shaving the topical aloe is very soothing for razor burn.

Using  Aloe Life Aloe Vera products for Pets 

Pets can also benefit from Aloe Vera with Aloe Life Animal Aloe. Great support for any topical wound or irritation. It is also completely edible so no fear of accidental ingestion due to licking. It will also provide pets support with digestion and allergies when added to pets food.  

Health & Digestive Support

Lastly, I have to share how much Aloe Life Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juices and Aloe Vera Tablets have helped the whole family. Taken internally Aloe Vera is safe for kids and adults plus our Beagle dog Ruby has enjoyed Animal Aloe too.

Mealtimes can quickly become dramatic with hungry mouths eating steaming hot foods. The Aloe Life juice soothes a burnt tongue and mouth.  As mentioned Aloe Vera is completely edible and Aloe Life has Aloe Vera Juice Concentrates for Children too with delicious flavors!

We drink Aloe Life Aloe Gold, Cherry Berry, or Orange Papaya daily to support digestion, help ease a tummy ache and ease that bloated overfull feeling. The whole family enjoys taking Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice Concentrate in the morning and combining it with another favorite of ours - Omega 3 fish oil.  We have found the Arctic D Cod Liver oil by Nordic Naturals to taste the best and when you combine them together - what a wonderful world it is. It seems to turn on and support the brain, calm the kids energy, help concentration and mood plus helping with daily regularity. My energy really kicks up too - so important for a mother of four, husband and dog Ruby!

Hope I have given you some good family tips on ways to use Aloe Vera for kids & adults, and enlightened you on what an amazing herb it truly is. I honestly do not want to ever be without it  - especially after using the best Organic Aloe Vera (in my opinion), quality products by Aloe Life International!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products and suggestions are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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