Athletes and Aloe - Monica Brant Top Women’s Fitness 1991 - 2016

Athletes and Aloe - Monica Brant Top Women’s Fitness 1991 - 2016

"....people need to wean themselves off the junk food, eat higher quality foods while tuning up digestion to perform their personal best and Aloe Life provides this support inside and out!” - Monica Brant



Optimize your health and performance with Aloe Life

1 Increase Energy & Stamina

Electrolyte Replenishing with 14 Macrominerals and over 50 Trace Minerals, plus greater Protein efficiency and more.


2 Improve Endurance & Recovery

Blood Sugar, Fat Metabolism plus Immunity, Oxygenation and Hydration of body tissues.


3 Reduce Injury & Increase Body Wellness

Builds stronger Connective Collagen Tissue Integrity and Phase II Liver Enzymes act as antioxidant.


Hard working, naturally talented and a health food junkie she continues to “WOW” the world with her Physique Championship titles. Her many other competitions including Track & Field events are inspiring to all.

Monica became an Aloe Life Ambassador in 2016 when she wanted to do a Detox Program. Her research led to the Aloe Life website. She purchased the products that have helped so many people over the years; Detox Plus, Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice Concentrate and the Daily Greens powder by Aloe Life. As she states, “I loved the way I felt drinking the products and noticed a renewed stamina that I was looking for.”


Monica's Aloe Life Favorites:

Aloe Life Face & Body Lotion

Aloe Life SG Aloe Mist 

 Monica is currently winning titles, even just turning 46 she looks amazing! She loves all of the great personal care products too including the Face & Body lotion and regularly uses them in her daily health program - to look and feel her best.

Being a health educator herself and mentoring women and men of all ages and health concerns, Monica loves sharing the products with her followers. She states,

“To feel and perform their personal best, people need to wean off the junk food, eat higher quality foods while also cleaning their digestive system. Tuning up the digestive system makes the GI tract more functional and it provides better energy and quality of life! Aloe Life provides this support for the body inside and out. It’s been wonderful to share AL with my family, friends and network!”

Monica Brant’s Highlights

  • Multiple Muscle & Fitness and Oxygen Magazine covers (over 100 covers) both national and international, featured articles, interviews and fans worldwide.
  • IFBB Fitness Olympia Champion - 1998
  • WBFF World’s Pro Figure Champion – 2010, 2013
  • Overall PCA Athletic Figure Champion – UK, 2016
  • “All American Awards” USA – USATF Master’s Division 100m, 200m and 400m (running 12.61, 26.02, 59.76).
  • Currently, training and racing in “Spartan Sprints” and training on “America Ninja Warrior” obstacles for the variety it provides.

Parting words Monica?

“Don’t put off getting healthier – mind and body. We only get one chance with the body given to us. Aloe Life is a great place to start or to add extra quality to an existing health program. Give them a call (like I did) to learn more and get started. Not only did I gain better health but I am now partnered with a company that CARES about me and the people that I send to them. Doesn’t get any better than this. 1-800- 414-2563 or on-line just put in my name “Monica” for a very nice discount on your first order if you already know what products you want to order!”


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