Athletes And Aloe - Olympic Kettle Bell Athlete BJ Bliffert

Athletes And Aloe - Olympic Kettle Bell Athlete BJ Bliffert

BJ Bliffert - Kettlebell Athlete, Owner of Full Throttle Athletics in Frisco, TX
Entrepreneur, Athlete, Father and Community Leader

BJ, along with his wife Kori are the owners of Full Throttle Athletics in Frisco, TX  providing; large group and semi-private personal training as well as authentic kettlebell lifting and sport technique lessons.  He’s also the Director of the North Texas Kettlebell Club and is a board member for a Non-Profit organization dedicated to furthering the sport of kettlebell lifting in the USA. Full Throttle Athletics continues to grow and help more people make fitness a part of their everyday lifestyle.


  • In 1998, BJ graduated from Carroll College in Waukesha, WI with a Bachelor’s degree in Fitness Management. He started his first fitness business, in his home as a personal trainer in 2000 located in the suburbs of Milwaukee.  But, after becoming burnt out in a matter of 2 years, he left the fitness industry full time for a short stint, only training a select handful of clients.
  • In 2007, he realized what he was meant to do.  He returned to the fitness industry determined to give it another go and follow his passion.
  • Since moving to TX in 2008 and opening Full Throttle Athletics he has been featured in USA Today as a World Fitness Elite Trainer of the Year and was a contributing author to the International Best Selling Book, "Total Body Breakthroughs".

    In 2013 BJ’s life would change when his daughter Parker was born.  He truly believes you can have it all and though tough at first BJ strives to balance all aspects of his life and remain active in his business and his athletics career.  He loves to show that you’re truly never too busy to let your health become an afterthought.

    “If you’re not taking care of yourself how can you expect to take care of those that need you”, he explains to his clients.

    BJ’s athletic highlights include;

      • Competing in both national and international Kettlebell Sport Competitions in both the Biathlon and Long Cycle event.  In 2014, he competing in IUKL European Open Championships and achieved 2nd in his division.  He was one of only three Americans to compete and represent the USA at this tournament and one of the first American athletes to take to the podium in this quickly growing sport.


      • In 2014 he went on to represent the United States as a part of the USA Olympic National Team at the IUKL World Championships in Hamburg, Germany.
      • 2015 participated in the Russian Worlds Kettlebell White Knight Grand Prix Series.

      BJ was introduced to Aloe Life Products in 2014 through a client. "The Kettlebell sport can take a real toll on your hands!” he tells people new to the sport. “Callouses, splitting hands and torn skin can happen leading up to major competitions.” Since beginning using Aloe Life products, namely the Skin Gel, BJ noticed his hands were able to withstand the rigors of the sport. Since then BJ has incorporated other products into his daily routine like the Daily Greens Formula, Superfruit WL Aloe Juice Concentrate and even the Face & Body Lotion. Recovery is when he notices the Aloe Life support most dramatically!

      BJ’s favorite foods to eat daily include; lots of fruits, vegetables, egg whites and lean meats! I also select grains based on my training volume and how I feel.

      Nutritional Supplements; a full variety including fish oil along with Aloe Life products.

      Favorite Aloe Life products in order of importance; Skin Gel (Healthy hands are #1 in lifting!) Using chalk really dries out natural oils in the hands. Using the Skin Gel my hands just do not tear, bleed and cause pain anymore. From using the Skin Gel and the Face & Body Lotion my tissue cells are stronger and that in itself is a game changer for the sport!! In just 6 weeks my hands were dramatically different and I had my best lifting time ever! Daily Greens Formula is next for DAILY favorites and occasionally I throw in the Superfruit Aloe Vera into my smoothies.


      Stamina and Endurance Success; Not having to worry about my hands have allowed me to train and work harder reaching better results. Daily Greens Formula Powder has also become an important part of my daily health routine. I feel better including a heaping teaspoon 1 – 2 times per day and I noticed it helped me RECOVER FASTER from my work outs especially during the summer heat!!

      Full Throttle Athletics Believes in Giving Back to the Community: We believe it’s very important to give back and host many fund raisers events and community workouts to heighten the awareness of daily healthy exercise!!

      Thanks BJ for being such a great role model for communities!

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