Gluten Free Living: A Path Back to Wellness

Gluten Free Living: A Path Back to Wellness

Where Does the Gluten Puzzle Piece Fit - Into the BIGGER Health Picture?

Truth is in short supply these days, yet the truth about Gluten is that all people are sensitive to its inflammatory properties- it is only a question as to what degree? Once you see the bigger picture of health and learn how Gluten and other factors limit ones’ health potential - life becomes more exciting. Surprising to some, 9 out of 10 people feel remarkably better reducing or eliminating Gluten from their diets. This is because Gluten appears to affect all of the body’s systems via the Nervous System not just the gut. Definitely focus on Gluten intolerance if you have been experiencing IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms of digestive upset, gas & bloating, poor elimination, diarrhea, heartburn, slow growth & development of children, unhealthy skin, ulcers & mouth blisters, pre-mature aging and over all failing health.

Learning how to live a low gluten, low inflammatory lifestyle takes about 30-45 days. Experimenting with the guidelines outlined in my reference book, Beyond Gluten Intolerance – GIS Gluten Inflammatory Syndrome makes it easier than any other resource I have found. Besides reading the Gluten story in the book - you also receive information that helps you diagnose your family’s health and it gives a clear explanation of why patients often receive a false-negative for Gluten through blood screening. It is always better to rely on your body’s symptoms vs. any blood test. Three levels of health programs are offered for success, which address preventative health, people living with multiple symptoms and also advanced illness that includes Celiac and other IBD Inflammatory Bowel Disease conditions.


One benefit that has brought many into the low gluten lifestyle is the ability to reach a higher excellence in athletic performance. Due to the brain-bowel connection of the neurological pathway, lowering inflammation through diet also improves other neuromuscular movement as well, including accident-proneness, bowel irregularity, dyslexia, peristalsis action of the throat (able to swallow foods more safely) and even calms the tremors that often come with Parkinson’s.

Digestion is an important topic for anyone learning about health. In fact scientific research at Tuft’s University has proven that good digestion is essential for proper growth, development and healthy aging of the body and mind. Also, bountiful research underlines the critical nature of ingesting the 91 plus nutritional elements needed to support proper body metabolism. These essential core nutrients come from food (and food supplements), yet it takes a vital functioning digestive system to extract these elements. Included in the mix are; vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids and oils that are required to fuel and build the body for wellness. When the body runs short of any one or group of nutrients - science has confirmed that disease will follow.

Many challenges exist in optimizing one’s daily diet. Strive for 3 smart delicious meals and 2 healthier snacks, and chew your food slowly. The roadblocks will fall away and your new renewed health will encourage your efforts – energy, sleeping better, less pain in the body and starting to look and feel much younger – and it works for everyone!

Nutritional Roadblocks:

  • Eating a mono diet (the same few items) or skipping meals give
    marginal health support of omission.
  • Food abuse tied to addictions is detrimental to the body.
  • Consuming high amounts of anti-nutrients (gluten, refined sugar,
    milk solids, etc.) impairs digestion.
  • Environmental toxicity, pharmaceutical drugs, disease & poor
    eating habits.

Unsuspecting eaters are consuming high amounts of Gluten and inflammatory foods, not aware that their dietary choices of whole grains and perhaps other factors coming from "perceived healthy choices" are actually doing them in! The Gluten molecule is found in un-sprouted wheat and also in the other whole grains commonly thought of as healthy like rye, barley, spelt, and triticale. Similar irritants are located in other sticky protein complex carbohydrates, like the tasty oats and brown rice. Any of these grains may be responsible for acute reactions the eater has not yet connected to a disease condition developing in the body like an auto-immune disorder. The clincher is - the highest content of Gluten is found in the bran of the whole grains and most fibers can be very problematic, even corn and regular potatoes.

The Gluten Story

Why Gluten has taken center stage being demonized more recently - is due to the Whole Grain & High Fiber Revolution! It has been picking up speed for the past 40 years. Coupled with the upsurge of milk product (complex carbohydrate) consumption, being consumed at an all-time record high, along with more refined sugar (complex carbohydrate) sneaking back into favor with health foods, dessert coffee and desserts! Society’s digestion capacity is malfunctioning, TILT – TILT - TILT!!!!!

People are at an all-time low on the health scale and their digestion just cannot keep up with all the insults! What follows in the gut is big time inflammation which results in tissue damage and reduced absorption. Then comes malnutrition of valuable nutrients like B12, setting the stage for disease development. It is a dismal situation, yet there is a way out. Reduce the amount of the offending inflammatory catalysts, accent smart nutrition (GIS Diet), and add the short-cut supplements that support the body for repair and function of the intestinal tract.

I find that a Quality Aloe Vera juice is my number one choice. Select a concentrated product if at all possible for faster results. When you see the dark golden color of an Aloe juice, you know it contains the bitter actives and natural anti-inflammatory agents that both support digestive health and give you the desired results! Also, I prefer Fish Oil over other oils (including the Vitamin A & D) and a good Probiotic (friendly bacteria) with a tableted or liquid Multiple Vitamin & Mineral. Together this protocol along with healthier lifestyle choices, allows renewal of the body at any age. – Enjoy!

Recommended Product:

Beyond Gluten Intolerance Book

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products and suggestions are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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