Healthier Blood Sugar with Aloe Vera

Healthier Blood Sugar with Aloe Vera

Herbs really work! Hundreds of herbs grow around the globe and each contains different amounts of Food Nutrition along with special medicinal compounds, called Phyto (plant) -Nutrients. Together, these actives from the herbal plants support body wellness.

The Aloe Vera plant works as a catalyst with smart food choices and supplements - to support many important health needs including healthier blood sugar. Blood sugar known technically as blood glucose is required for cellular energy and fuels every body function for both kids and adults.

Highlights of Aloe Vera Support

* Digestion, Energy & Detox 

* Allergies, Skin & Collagen Renewal 

* Immunity, Auto-Immunity Support 

*Increased Glandular Function 


Quality Aloe Vera products contain over 100 safe actives*.  When using the entire whole leaf, not over-filtered or over heated, and concentrated to avoid diluted products - it is the most important herb of all time. In fact recent sales statistics place Aloe Vera #4 of all Herbal and Superfood sales through the health food stores (1). Sales of Aloe are growing each year and this is due to its broad and amazing health results. Research revealing the impact of normalizing high blood sugar levels in pre-diabetics is one of the many important reasons behind the booming sales.

The Health Crisis of Diabetes

Diabetes is a world health crisis, costing billions of dollars annually and the human toll is a tragedy. Often a factor in cardiovascular disease (CVD), cancer and failing health - diabetes affects 1 in 4 people and is considered the 4th cause of pre-mature death.  Soaring statistics, of all ages has sparked important research in many countries. In fact there are now ten definitive studies with human or mammal subjects showing with pre-diabetic or Diabetic Type II, the use of a quality Aloe Vera works to improve healthier blood sugar levels (2).

 A.D.A Symptoms of Diabetes (high blood sugar)(3)

* Extreme Thirst, Frequent Urination, Dry Mouth, Tingly in Limbs.

* Fatigue, Itchy and Dry Skin, Poor Wound Healing, Vision Changes & Moodiness.

Why does Aloe Vera work?

The Aloe Vera plant provides several key actives responsible for the results of reducing risk of diabetes. Both minerals and other core nutrients critical to life itself have tested deficient in many diabetics and also approximately 25% of Type II Diabetes is directly linked to Auto-Immune reactions making the case for following a low gluten diet. Therefore the research makes sense because Aloe Vera improves digestion of foods; lowers inflammation found responsible in the auto-immune cycle (4) that may reduce natural insulin levels from the pancreas and also the high trace mineral content found in Aloe Vera may help replenish deficiencies.

Like a medicine chest in a plant Aloe contains over 100 Actives. The nutrition content includes amino acids, vitamins, minerals (over 60), plus a variety of fatty acids. The valuable phyto-nutrients in aloe vera include;  Polyphenols, Polysaccharides, Saponins, Salicylic Acid, Gibberellins, Campesterol, B-Sitosterol, Lupeol & Anthraquinones (Valuable Yellow Sap) and more.

Trace Minerals are Key

A 2007 study at the Univ. of Madras, India looked at the high trace mineral content of Aloe Vera and its biological importance to health and why  Aloe Vera lowers blood sugar. Thirteen minerals were found in the Aloe Vera juice in larger quantity plus an abundance of trace minerals; zinc, chromium, manganese, vanadium, iron, potassium and iodine. Research showed that each of these lend importance to diabetes risk reduction.  Also, in a 1980 study “vanadium” was found to mimic the metabolic effects of insulin in mammals (5) and subsequent studies revealed it normalized blood glucose levels in humans with high percentages (6).

Improving Glucose and Lipid Profile with Aloe Vera (7)

Research in 2015 celebrated Aloe Vera once again with human studies getting great results. The Univ. of Cairo, in Egypt followed 218 adults, dividing them into three groups; 76 controls not receiving Aloe Vera, 76 adults taking 300 mg. of quality Aloe Vera Extract twice daily and 76 adults taking 600 mg. twice daily. The conclusion was clear that Aloe Vera extract reversed and improved high fasting blood sugar within four weeks. It took eight weeks to show a significant drop in HbA1C levels and triglycerides down towards normal.  The higher dose also brought down the negative cholesterol (LDL) and improvement was seen in building positive (HDL) cholesterol.

Most people want to feel better and reduce health costs and this is an herb that has something to offer for everyone. When using a product that is not over processed and still containing the dark yellow sap the ancients wrote about - there are endless applications both topically and internally, “Truly a Gift of Nature.”

Aloe Vera Skin Gel

Applied on the skin it soothes pain and supports any skin irruptions or injury, while encouraging collagen renewal, even minimizing scarring.  This is great news for teens suffering the anguish of acne along with advanced diabetes sufferers with skin ulcers. A quality Whole Leaf Skin Gel makes the world of difference and be sure a breathable dressing is applied. Aloe Life Int. Inc. is the only company to have conducted a wound study with all 150 diabetic ulcers 100% resolution (8).

Daily Aloe Vera Supplements

Traditional use of drinking and eating the Aloe Vera plant, as written in ancient text describes many of same ailments of today. These first cultures used the whole plant including the yellow sap, classed as an “Herbal Bitter”. Bitter on the tongue translates to sweet on the stomach.  The bitter encourages gastric juices to flow better into the stomach of Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) and Bile plus lending support to the Pancreas which produces both Insulin and Digestive Enzymes.  All are necessary for good absorption of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats. Research supports improved digestion almost 300% with quality Aloe taken before meals and supports all digestive issues including; heartburn, gas, bloating and more.

Lots of choices yet I always suggest the Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice concentrate (WLAVJC) or tablets that work fast. Also, look for the ActivAloe logo for quality and a dark yellow color for a more authentic product that still retains higher valuable actives from the plant (9).

Healthier is Fun with Aloe Vera

Join the Healthy Bunch to feel your best - eating a variety of good foods, getting some daily exercise and using a quality Aloe Vera. The body responds to health at any age and even the American Diabetes Association supports – “Healthy Lifestyle Choices” to control blood sugar naturally **. Choose the best Aloe Vera for topical and internal following the guidelines and look for the delicious fruit juice flavored variety as well - great for kids both big and small – Enjoy!

* Caution: If sensitive blood sugar, ill or bowel sensitive or child start with (1) teaspoon, a capful of concentrate daily and reduce Aloe Vera amount with diarrhea.

** Aloe Vera in not contraindicated with medication however can lower your blood glucose. Do not stop medication yet may need to alter amount after discussing with a health professional.

*** References available upon request.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products and suggestions are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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