Healthy Daily DETOX for Body Refresh!

Healthy Daily DETOX for Body Refresh!

By Karen Masterson Koch

Key Topics: Shortcuts to Detox & Cleansing, IBS, Candida Albicans, Liver & Lymph Super Heroes, Cellular and Environmental Pollution & Toxicity Motivate Action, Aloe Vera, Organic Foods and Essential Supplements. 

Living life with a Daily Detox mantra and following healthy guidelines 80-90% definitely adds to the quality and also length of one’s life (1).  Applying health honors the design of the body.

People who take action reap the benefits of more energy and vitality with reduced aging markers, healthier skin plus actually lower their chances of developing one or more of a growing list of unwanted diseases. Athletes even find a special bonus of greater stamina, recovery and fewer injuries in competition.

* Body Systems & Metabolism Efficiency

* Safe Environment & Low Pollution Impact Factors

 First target the support of the body systems and metabolism applying health. Next review the environmental factors that are essential for body wellness including; a safe living space, clean air, water, full spectrum light or sunshine and strive for restful sleep. Sleep actually allows the body to detoxify and rebuild body systems (2).

Why choose to Daily Detox for preventative health?

A healthy body allows for fun and full life! The sad truth is disease is on the rise 25 - 30% in all categories affecting more children and younger adults - so early detection and prevention is the best advice to all persons - after developing a daily health and detox program.

Cardiovascular Disease CVD did reduce 30% from 50 yrs. ago yet it still affects one in three people, very close to the statistics of cancer, diabetes, liver, digestive and skin diseases.  The researchers now admit they understand the importance of health and the direct correlation to decrease disease - genetics is 6th after diet, exercise, obesity, smoking and other environmental factors like pollution.  And Tuft’s Univ. found the average 60 yr. old is ingesting up to 6 medications that become very depleting to the body affecting digestion and health as well (3).  

Environmental Facts Motivate a Daily Detox

Our world is beautiful yet full of extreme foods, fast lifestyles and industries that are constantly bombarding the body with pollutants;  dangerous concentrated sugars and heated oils, toxic poisons, heavy metals, and pesticides(4).  These toxic burdens compound with the normal body cellular waste that alone can be extremely toxic.  This is especially concerning if the elimination channels of the body are blocked with constipation, Candida Albicans (a fungal overgrowth), bowel disease, poor nutritional support and inactivity. 

* 2003, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine found an average of 91 toxic chemicals in 9 volunteers testing blood and urine. Of the 167 found; 94 were toxic to the brain and nervous system, 76 carcinogenic and 79 linked to birth defects.

* 2020, CDC, Review of Toxic Substance Act, shows thousands of chemicals still not evaluated. Past human studies by the US EPA of our “Toxic Soup”, counted 700 different plastics, heavy metals (lead, arsenic, mercury) from the over 80,000 toxic chemicals found today in our environment. Canadian researchers also confirmed over 200 pollutants found in the core blood contaminating newborns. 

What is Daily Detox?

Detoxification is a natural system of the body.  It demands the entire body working well to achieve success every day not just seasonally. At times the body gets stuck and needs help. This is why the addition of specific herbs, supplements and foods can be terrific short cuts to speed the process. Check out the full lists of ways to detox and health protocols in the book, Beyond Gluten Intolerance-GIS, on Amazon.

Especially important is a functioning liver, lymph system, lungs, kidneys, stomach, colon and skin. They get lazy and sometimes stop working. These organs and systems are designed to work synergistically to cleanse the over 80,000 trillion cells and tissues, of waste build up and to allow for proper body metabolism and support the entire body to work well (5).

It’s a big job and these organs require Vitamin E along with (90) other essential nutrients from foods and supplements.  A good digestive system is a must too especially with fat soluble vitamins. Bowel disease may block absorption of all essential fats E, A, EFA and K paramount for function and renewal.  The herb Aloe Vera in the concentrated whole leaf form, not over processed with a partner of Probiotics - prepares a foundation for the daily detox results.

Roadblocks to Health

* Addictions - sugars, breads, carbohydrates, junk foods, alcohol, and drugs all types.

* Digestive Disease - IBS, IBD and GI Tract Under functioning with constipation or diarrhea.

* Poor Diets – Omissions, not supplementing leading to mal-absorption and advanced toxicity.  

Cleansing the body and nourishing it allows for new cells even DNA repair to rebuild the body even mend it genetically. Unfortunately, many people have roadblocks to better health. So do your best each day eating healthier and taking a few support supplements and keep a log what you ingest, actions and how you feel each day for 45 – 90 days, allowing for new cell REFRESH!

Advanced Toxicity Disease Facts

All the organs and glands play important roles in body health.  However, the liver and the lymph system are truly super heroes of the body. Abuse, neglect and disease overloads them both resulting in unhealthy waste in the tissues and poor metabolism. This leads to fatigue, low immunity, and vulnerability to more diseases and pain. However, have faith that you can improve and reverse advanced toxicity yet it takes understanding of how the body works and action.

* Lymph is essential for healthy immunity and it’s in every square inch of tissue requiring hydration, nutrition and exercise to actually circulate the clear fluid throughout the 600 nodes.  They contain white blood cells WBC’s within to fight against; germs, viruses, bacteria and fungus.  Lymph then carries out the debris to the blood which then goes to the liver and kidneys for cleansing. A clean colon, lungs and skin all work together to also rid the body of waste.

* The LIVER is responsible for hundreds of metabolic actions to include; detoxification and cleansing of the blood, generating specialized proteins, making bile for digestion and pH balancing in the gut, along with cholesterol, hormones and even anti-oxidation enzymes like S.O.D. - that slows aging in the body. It’s also storage of nutrients of glycogen, and other fat soluble vitamins, A, D, E, and K that support fast energy and cellular health.

Many diseases can inflict the liver if vulnerable like hepatitis, yet a growing problem with food and alcohol abuse, called “Fatty Liver” is very dangerous affecting 1 in 4 people. Excessive visceral fat (apple shape) with slim and obese people makes the liver lazy. If this unhealthy fat% is not addressed researchers say it may lead to, scarring, and cirrhosis even premature death.  Research confirms the body responds to health - even losing 10 – 15 pounds (if overweight) and a therapeutic diet and supplements like the herb Milk Thistle and Aloe.

* Glycation is a similar associated condition resulting from the excessive of glucose in the body tissues. Due to mal-nutrition the body is unable to metabolize it as energy from a lack of enzymes. It can cause particular damage to the vascular system resulting in premature strokes and even sudden death.

 Excessive Glucose (high sugar, carbohydrate, junk food diets) is also a factor in diabetes and CVD, Metabolic X Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Auto-Immune Neuromuscular Brain conditions like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and definitely cancer. Research and use the facts to motivate action and make sure to FORGIVE YOURSELF for anything – NO GUILT JUST ACTION!

Shortcuts for Daily Detox & Body Wellness

* Diet –Organic (as possible) Mediterranean, Paleo or Keto Diets, GIS Diet (low inflammatory  low gluten) accenting vegetable juices (carrot celery), vegetable soups, salads and a variety of easy to absorb quality proteins. Eat every 3 – 4 hours and chew all foods well.  Include; a variety of proteins 25%, legumes, nuts, seeds, fish, and lean healthier meats balanced with 75% vegetables 3-4 cups. Fresh fruits in season or frozen berries 1 -2 servings.  Only drink warm water or room temperature with meals, herb teas – no iced beverages. Water, 64 oz. as required is essential. Reduce:  whole grains, sugar and cow’s milk and observe how yogurt, cottage cheese and any other dairy foods affect you.  

* Popular Dietary Supplements - Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Concentrate (juice or tablets before meals) or Detox Plus Juice [#1 Activaloe by Aloe Life],  Probiotics, FiberMate, Daily Greens (as tolerated), Milk Thistle, N-Acetyl-Cysteine NAC, B12-B Complex Liquid, Vitamin E, EFA’s (fish oils + A & D liquid or Algae source), Vitamin C, plus Minerals. Avoid Gelatin and if diarrhea reduce quantity of program.

* Extras – Exercising daily, and stretching, fasting, enemas, colonics and body work as tolerated.

Herbal Shortcuts in 45 – 90 Days from head to toe!

The ancient people of years past developed many of the same illnesses that modern people of today experience.  They found relief with herbal medicine, foods, acupuncture and bodywork including massage. It’s surprising yet many lived long lives into their 80’s and beyond.

Herbs are gaining in popularity today with Aloe Vera 6th on the list out of hundreds to choose from along with Greens – as an easy fast food that’s good for you.  Big difference in Aloe so look for the dark golden yellow color not over processed and concentrated. A quality product will perform fast supporting;  digestion, cleansing, and balancing immunity plus giving support to troubled skin – an Herbal Shortcut and lots of Fun – Enjoy!

Karen Masterson Koch is a clinical nutritionist and health educator with over 35 yrs. experience in counseling in Southern California.  Karen is an expert on Aloe Vera, Gluten and author of Beyond Gluten Intolerance GIS, which is available on Amazon, or by calling 1-800-414-2563.


  • 2010, Thomas, M.D., the New England Centenarian Study, on Successful Agers, Boston, MA ; Results found 1. Eating Well 2. Exercise, Strength Training and Stay Active 3. Social Curiosity  5. Play 6. Sleep 7. Have Goals and this was the largest study completed on people to live healthy up to 100 yrs. of age.
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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products and suggestions are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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