Power Up Your Immune System with Aloe Vera and Smart Lifestyle Choices!

Power Up Your Immune System with Aloe Vera and Smart Lifestyle Choices!

By Karen Masterson Koch

Have you ever wondered why kids and adults seem to get sick right before school or just back from vacation? Besides the extra activities, eating fast food and sugary treats leaves them vulnerable to a drop in immunity. Excessive refined sugar (7 tsp in two cans of soda) has been linked to a drop in immunity in just 30 minutes.


Immunity is built by healthy foods, which provide the essential core nutrients to energize, build and protect the body from attack. Digestive and immune systems are not fully developed in infants and young children, and are weak in seniors and individuals living with illness or stress. Vaccinations themselves do not build immunity, yet are designed to stimulate an existing immune system to a certain antigen. Some may even come with undesirable side effects.

Cancer and Immunity

  • The American Cancer Society (ACS) confirms cancer is a result of a weakened immune system over a prolonged period of time. They also state that healthy lifestyle choices are important in lowering cancer rates and that heredity is not conclusively linked to most cancers.
  • Cancer affects approximately one in three adults in the U.S. with a growing number of childhood cancers.
  • Over the last 30 years cancer rates have gone up (varying by state) from 20-30%, with the top four cancers being skin, lung, breast or prostate and colon. Taken collectively, the digestive system has the highest rate of cancer.     
Auto-immunity is the term for an over-active immune system. Over 130 different auto-immune diseases plague society today, causing inflammation damage, malnutrition and diabetes. According to new studies, the central nervous system is also affected by auto-immune disorders, such as Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s disease. 

     Environmental Factors Reducing Immunity:

    • Poor diet
    • Poor digestion and elimination
    • Stressful, sedentary lifestyles and addictions
    • Chemical and drug toxicity
    • Pollution and poor hygiene

    Aloe Vera for Immunity Balance

    What truly keeps the body healthy and balanced is surprisingly simple and includes using a few supplements and herbal short-cuts. Aloe Vera contains over 100 “actives” including vitamins, minerals, amino acids and special phytonutrients. Scientist have isolated four actives in particular from Aloe that heighten and balance immunity support: polysaccharides, saponins, sterols and sterolins.

    • Polysaccharides are long chain carbohydrates that stimulate Pac-man® –like macrophage that engulf invaders.
    • Saponins are plant glycosides that exhibit antiseptic support in body fluids.
    • Sterols and sterolins are fats and modulate (balance) immune function T4 and T8, exhibiting anti-inflammatory action.

    Revving Up Immunity Takes at Least 45 days!  

    Being sick is no fun and missing work is expensive. Get started now by making healthier choices and upping your intake of quality proteins, vegetables and fruits, and adding some regular exercise. Top it off with key supplements (as tolerated) of Vitamin A (fish oil or algae), C (500 – 1500 mg.) and E (400 iu) and Aloe Vera (1-4 oz.). Drinking a quality Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice Concentrate or Tablet before meals is best for optimizing digestion and overall wellness. Remember, good health is not only for winter, but every day of the year!

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products and suggestions are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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