Safety of Drinking Aloe Daily

Safety of Drinking Aloe Daily

Aloe Vera has added benefits when taken daily. Benefits as far reaching as longevity! Yes studies have proven that when Aloe Vera is taken daily it can increase the life span of mammals 20% that equates to 10-15 years for most individuals! Aloe Vera is a remarkable plant that helps support all of the organs to function better and has added benefits to the digestive tract, absorption of nutrients, candida and fungus control, skin, collagen support, allergies and immune function. The daily dosage of Aloe Life Juice Concentrate is 1 ounce, equal to 2 tablespoons, best when taken before meals and supplements to increase absorption 3-10 times.

Aloe Vera from the Barbadensis Miller species Whole Leaf Juice that contains the yellow sap is not a laxative.

Many people have been misinformed of Aloe Vera's safety for children, seniors and pregnant women. They are under the impression that all Aloe Vera is a laxative and that it will cause the depletion of electrolytes because of the onset of diarrhea, THIS IS NOT CORRECT! Aloe Vera from the Barbadensis Miller species Whole Leaf Juice that contains the yellow sap is not a laxative. It does however gently encourage the bowels to move and a lot of individuals experience constipation and welcome this encouragement. Aloe Vera balances the bowels. If an individual is constipated it will help with elimination and if an individual has diarrhea it will slow it. Studies have also proven that Aloe Vera is 100% safe and not toxic!

Most children and seniors have a lower functioning immune systems and may find support from taking Aloe Vera juice daily. The recommended dose for children 1-5 years is 1-3 tsp or more as desired to bowel tolerance. Seniors may experience help with energy levels, achy joints and renewed elasticity of the skin due to collagen support. The daily dosage for seniors is the same as adults and individuals 5-100 years of age 1-3 ounces daily to bowel tolerance. Pregnant women can take Aloe Life Aloe Vera Juice concentrate throughout the entire pregnancy just keep the dosage at 1 ounce = 2 tbs daily. The Stomach Plus Formula by Aloe Life is especially helpful for nausea and the FiberMate for constipation and healthy regularity.

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