Skin Health and Aloe

Skin Health and Aloe

In Integrative Health the biochemistry research supports that any skin condition may be affected positively by improved; Digestion, Glandular Health and Nutrition. Each of these factors relate to skin nutrient deficiencies.  Other healthy lifestyle choices are also important to implement in support of the body’s skin including; exercise, water and sunshine.

Healthy Skin is possible if you apply the steps for a Healthy Body!

  • Digestion & Detoxification (elimination)
  • Diet, Supplements & Glandular Health
  • Exercise, Water, Sun & Sleep

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I have talked a lot about digestion yet a good example of the need for proper sun exposure is with Vitamin D production. This core nutrient is designed to be manufactured in the skin from healthy cholesterol. It is stimulated by the sun’s rays for approximately 20 minutes in mid morning or late afternoon.

  • If the process is efficient the Vitamin D that is made in the skin allows for Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc (skin nutrients) to be absorbed from green vegetables and other sources even supplements. Many people are low in Vitamin D and take a supplement of this nutrient along with other skin nutrients.
  • Other important skin nutrients include; Vitamin A, C and B-Complex along with Essential Fatty Acids.

People need to avoid constipation for healthy skin and to also be preventative for colon cancer - as it is in the top cancers of today. By drinking plenty of water and eating scrubbing vegetables such as carrots, celery or apples - this important step in detoxification of the body is improved. Also, taking a quality Daily Greens formula to increase nutrition for the skin is highly suggested and can be easily mixed into water, beverage of choice or blender drink. Take on the attitude that you must improve your elimination to be a daily occurrence.  It is how the body is designed yet many people suffer with constipation which is common - yet NOT healthy!

Some of the more common skin issues include; Acne, Rosacea, Eczema, Psoriasis. Each with varying symptoms; blemishes, pustules, boils, broken capillaries, flakey and blistery skin.  Plus a variety of different rashes may occur. Babies, children, teens and adults may suffer with troubled skin and in general healthy skin requires super healthy nutrition, good digestion and elimination plus a functioning liver (glandular health).

  • Internally - The skin nutrients; Protein, Essential Fatty Acids, Minerals, Vitamins and food fiber work together to keep the bowels regular and skin youthful. Yet from years of experience I suggest you avoid GLUTEN, MILK and SUGAR with skin issues!
  • For best results avoid fried foods, sodas and sweets. Include more vegetables in the diet. Drink Aloe Vera juice before meals to support digestion of protein, minerals, vitamins and all foods.
  • Topically - Healthy skin also requires maintaining an acidic pH of the skin. Support of the pH is helped through eating a variety of foods (diet again) yet also may be significantly supported with Aloe Vera Gel that has an acidic pH of at least 5.5 - 5.7. Applying on the skin twice daily to support the acidic pH is supportive and soothing for healthy skin.

If an Aloe Vera  product is not diluted or watered down it works better. The market has a variety of different Aloe Vera products. Many Aloes are very weak tasting like water.  A few are better and then the top products are very dark golden yellow colored with varying potency. The extra strength is made from the whole leaf and concentrated to work fast.

  • The best time to apply the Skin Gel (dark yellow) is after gentle washing the face and body with a mild cleanser or shampoo. Some sensitive people even use a lotion to wash the skin when very troubled. Aloe Vera is an astringent which closes the pores.
  • Apply a moisturizer after the Skin Gel to maintain proper protection of the skin and prevent over production of the oil glands. Aloe may support the body to minimize scarring too.

For more helpful information reference the sections in the book - Beyond Gluten Intolerance -  GIS which explains more in detail of how certain foods (allergies) and other factors including chemical toxicity and liver health affect the skin and body’s Optimum Health.

Why Does a Healthy Liver Support Skin Health?

Skin health is achieved through addressing two crucial factors. First an individual must optimize how the body works. Second and not so easy one must maximize the body to build healthy lining cells that cover the body on the inside and out.

  • Optimize Body Health
  • Build Healthy Lining Cells

Several areas must be implemented for success when rebuilding the health of the skin. These include steps already covered to some degree; daily nutrition, drinking water, optimizing digestion, correcting constipation and exercise.  Two new factors not mentioned yet that have very important parts to play in a healthy body and healthy skin is a healthy liver and healthy balance of the immune system.

Factors That Improve Body & Skin Health

Diet - Include nutritious foods with quality proteins and vegetables daily.

As tolerated eat 3-6 servings of protein foods including; low gluten whole grain cereals, rice, yogurt, beans, fish, (salmon, etc.) lean meats, yams (as tolerated), red potatoes, raw nuts and seeds (nut & seed butters), and eggs.

Include 5-11 servings of dark green and orange vegetables which give more Vitamin A (beta carotene); important for building healthy lining cells, supporting immune function, vision and fighting infection. Carrots, yellow squash, yams, broccoli, garlic, leafy greens like chard and kale are excellent for steaming and contain high amounts of Vitamin E and Minerals including Sulfur which are important for collagen repair. Use dark green lettuce like Romaine for salads and sandwiches and use a rainbow of vegetables like celery, radishes ( red & white), carrots, purple & green cabbage, beets, etc. in salads to keep the bowels regular too. Add a natural Gluten Free fiber supplement if available like FiberMate - to support optimal cleansing of waste removal from the body.

Avoid Overeating and Keep Junk Foods Low - Especially harmful for the skin are sugar, alcohol, and fried foods. The body's metabolism uses up B-Complex. Chew your foods well before swallowing. Include a vegetable supplement like Daily Greens Formula by Aloe Life to help increase the quantity of valuable foods for skin support especially if living with troubled skin.

Consider Gluten intolerance - eliminating wheat and other anti nutrients that may contribute to poor skin conditions in some people including oatmeal and brown rice. Experiment with eating the Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) diet for one month found in the digestive section on the website and see if you notice a faster improvement.

Water - Drink larger amounts of water; 6-8 glasses and beverages in between your meals. Drink only small amounts of liquids at meal times (no ice) so you will not dilute your existing digestive juices.

The body is approximately 70% water by mass. It needs water daily to provide the medium to support glandular function of the liver and other organs of the body which are involved in healthy skin. Water carries nutrition into the skin and allows waste products to be eliminated. The lack of water or dehydration causes the skin to age faster. Drinking your daily water of 6-8 glasses will increase your energy and keep the cells more plump while improving the cellular metabolism and provide a youthful appearance!

Digestion - Many people lack proper digestive juices to fully break down foods and supplements. The digestive system includes; enzymes and gastric juices found in the mouth, stomach, pancreas, and liver.

Mouth – digestion starts in the mouth and chewing is critical to break foods apart and stimulates mouth enzymes to break carbohydrate foods down.

Stomach – Digestive enzymes from the stomach lining are suppose to flow into the foods; Hydrochloric Acid (often lacking) and Pepsin are designed to break proteins and minerals down into small fractions. A quality Whole Leaf Aloe Vera concentrate  that is not over-filtered with yellow sap may be supportive as an herbal bitter to support; occasional bloating, gas and regularity and more.

Pancreas – Next the food is suppose to travel to the Small Intestine where digestive enzymes, from the Pancreas, are suppose to be excreted to further break down protein, carbohydrates, and fats primarily. Also, bile made in a healthy liver, is supposed to flow into the small intestine for more fat digestion and pH balancing. The tiny villi that line the Small Intestine is supposed to generate the lactase enzyme for milk digestion yet they often fall short creating gas.

Liver – A very important organ for thousands of different metabolic processes in the body and paramount for healthy skin. Besides being a filter for the blood of impurities, it also stores excess nutrients like Vitamin A and D (skin vitamins) for future use. The liver handles fat storage for glucose which is essential for thinking, energy and body wellness. It's part of the digestive pathway too receiving blood full of food nutrients extracted from foods. Also, building blocks of protein (amino acids) are made into important specialized proteins and it processes all fat soluble Vitamins; A, D, E and Essential Fatty Acids required for healthy skin and a healthy body.

Ultimately, if healthy skin is desired it is an inside job and one must provide support for a healthy digestive system including the liver. Improving Digestion and Detoxification is a great way to speed up this process. My first choice is incorporating a quality Aloe Vera and specific herbs that support and compliment the process along with eating a low or no Gluten Diet for 45 days . Yummy soups, salads, stir fry's and healthy eating; vegetables, proteins and healthy fats.

Choosing health is a daily discipline that gives great returns.

It is really easier than you may think and actually fun to take responsibility for your own health at any age. (Consult your medical professional or call with questions.) Check out the short article on Gluten and G.I.S. on this website and read reviews from happy customers. The health books are also available for more guidance too. If you want to truly Look and Feel Your Very Best – Choosing Aloe Life is my #1 recommendation because it works for my family!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products and suggestions are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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