Why Choose Aloe Life's Aloe Vera?

Why Choose Aloe Life's Aloe Vera?


Aloe Vera is an ancient plant with over 6000 years of documented history and is classified as an Herbal Bitter. The bitter is from the Yellow Sap also called latex and contains a valuable anthraquinone complex. The 100% safe yellow sap stimulates the flow of digestive juices encourages the bowels to move if needed and contains significant anti-inflammatory compounds.

The bitter has a ph of 4.7-5.2 considered acidic and is located just under the outer leaf.  Aloe Life leaves more of this valuable yellow sap complex in all of the products undiluted - including the Herbal Juice Formulas, Personal Care and the Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice Concentrates. Notice the Golden Yellow Color in the Juices and Skin Gel.

Aloe Life was founded in 1991 and has over 20 wonderful products. The Aloe Life products are therapeutic because you can receive more and use less. When a product states Aloe Vera it is made from just the inner gel without the outer leaf or yellow sap,  and the serving size of this type of product is usually 8oz. The product will be clear in color and mild in taste showing limited value.

Aloe Life Aloe Vera Products are made from the Whole Leaf with NO SULFITES OR WATER ADDED!  The juices are undiluted and not over filtered. They contain the highest amounts of the valuable yellow sap and are 100% Certified Organic Leaves. The Herbal Juice Formulas are made with Herb Pharm and Vitality Extracts 1%. Aloe Life follows strict GMP manufacturing and testing guides on every batch of products!

Each Quart of Aloe Life Whole Leaf Juice (5:1)  Concentrates are made from 25 pounds of the entire Aloe Vera plant leaves and equals one gallon  of quality juice.  Processed in 3-6 hours from field to bottle we avoid oxidation and No high heat over pasteurization that can break down active ingredients.  Serving size 1oz. - May use more based on body size and dose dependent for immune stimulation up to - 3 oz daily. 

The Taste Test tells it all in Aloe Vera Liquids and Tablets. If unflavored Aloe Vera products taste like water, citrus-y or sweet-you will know from the taste test it has lost the bitter property and will have limited digestive support. Aloe Life natural Aloe Gold tastes like a bitter tomato juice, strong mineral taste that includes valuable sulfur. Sulfur is an important constituent of collagen, insulin and amino acid metabolism in the body.

Bitter herbs stimulate natural hydrochloric acid (HCL) in the stomach paramount for digestion of protein and minerals that build and repair cells of the body. HCL works totally different that enzymes in the digestive process. Taking enzymes does not break down minerals. Minerals can be looked upon like catalyst and building  materials of the body. You cannot have a healthy immune system, healthy skeletal structure, stay warm, maintain a slim body weight, detoxify, heal the skin, prevent scaring or even sleep well at night, etc. without proper mineral absorption.

Aloe Vera is the "King of Bitters".  All bitters can help with digestion to some degree yet Aloe Vera Supports two very important duties;

1.) Turns on the Digestive System

2.)Supports the healing of all tissues of the body both inside and out. Aloe Life conducted a 18-month documented wound study using Skin Gel on diabetic wounds in 1997. "Clinical Evaluation of full thickness Wounds with Tunneling and Stage I-IV" as accepted for presentation at the 12th Annual Wound Symposium in Dallas, Texas with 100% resolution of all 150 wounds in the study! See Gift of Nature Book for images.

Immunity Support is based on the Polysaccharide value and is great from Aloe Life Juices because it is a quality certified product testing #1 in the Immunity Factor.  Active Aloe Certified is stating the polysaccharides are still in the larger bonds. Oxidation and high heat breaks these microscopic bonds. It is through the ingesting of Aloe Vera that contains this higher concentration of intact polysaccharide bonds that macrophage activity is increased. Macrophage works through phagocytosis in the destruction of viruses, fungus and bacteria - dose dependent. Stronger is better according to good scientific data certified by the Active Aloe seal.  Smaller amounts of quality Aloe Vera seems to promote balance for digestion and an overactive immune system. 

Bioavailability Factors in Aloe Vera have received scientific support from the University of PA in Scranton, 2002. Humans taking their Vitamin E & C with Aloe Vera vs. the controls taking them with water had an increase uptake over 200%. Aloe Vera carries in the nutrients internally and externally deeper into the cells. Aloe Vera is a "Foundational Herb" to build ones dietary and supplement program upon preventatively. 

You can see why people are taking Aloe Vera Daily topically and internally! Whole Leaf Aloe Vera is a timeless herb that has use documented back to the Egyptians and still a favorite today! Get some quality Aloe Vera today from Aloe Life and put it to use in your family as I have in mine!

Highlights of Quality Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice Products Include:  Support to Digestion & Elimination, Energy Enhancing, Skin Renewal , Allergy Reduction, Candida Control, Immune System & Auto Immune Support, and Preventative Health.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products and suggestions are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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