Why Start Taking Aloe Life Daily Greens Today!

Why Start Taking Aloe Life Daily Greens Today?

Health & Wellness for Busy Lifestyles!

  • It contains the Highest amount of Greens than any other product on the market; 6,850 mg per 2 Tbs.
  • No Fillers, Potential Irritants or Proteins: beans, seeds, wheat, gluten, flax meal, psyllium, apple pectin, oat bran, wheat bran, soy, beans, tomatoes (nightshade vegetable), filler veggies, brown rice or herbs.
  • 2 Month Supply / Best Buy - 9.34oz. Bottle Concentrated Greens therefore 4-5 servings of vegetables in 1 Tbs. not 2 as other products suggest. Also comes in Tablets - great convenience!
  • Tastes Delicious for a therapeutic greens with added Organic Papaya & Apple Concentrate and Stevia.
  • High Alkalinizing Greens Formula: 100% ingredients chosen for Calcium to Phosphorus ratios of 3:1.
  • Two Categories of Ingredients: 12 Greens & Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Matrix (9 exotic foods).
  • 9 Exotic Foods Include: Whole Leaf Aloe Vera, Nopal Cactus, Carob, Bamboo, Amlaki, Broccoli Sprouts, SOD from Wheat Sprouts, Green Papaya, Atlantic Kelp, and Sesame Husks.
  • Highest Non Irritating Fiber Content to Include: Sesame Husks only (No rancid oil potential).
  • Supports: Digestion, Energy, Detoxification, PH balance to revitalize the body at any age.
  •  Full Spectrum Nutritional Supplement to Include: Vitamins A, C, E, B-Complex, Macro & Micro Minerals, Chlorophyll, 22 Amino Acids, Enzymes, Fiber, Trace Essential Fats, Tocotrienols included in the Vitamin E Complex, Beta glucans, Phytosterols, and Polysaccharides.

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