Wonder Why Your Gut Hurts?

Wonder Why Your Gut Hurts?

By Karen Masterson Koch, CN

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) may ultimately be the culprit of pain in the gut, health decline and even early death yet it is often undiagnosed and misunderstood. Advanced Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) even sounds a bit scarier yet can mimic the same symptoms of IBS with milder bloating, occasional pain all the while weakening the body wellness from within - due to inflammation.

Actually, several conditions can also be at fault when pain gets your attention in the abdomen. Gallbladder disorders including gallstones are the most common for hospitalizations. Located aside the liver in the upper abdomen it affects 10-15% of adults yet the other pain epicenter possibilities include;

* Appendix in the lower right abdomen

* IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome, IBD in the GI tract

* Acute Constipation, ulcers or advancing cancer

Luckily for people, the design of the body when healthy - puts most of its functions on autopilot by way of the brain and nervous system, not requiring any extra thought or effort until just recently. Body malfunctions are on the rise with the gastrointestinal (GI) tract being one of the main systems not working properly, causing minor to major discomfort, and at times leading to excruciating or unbearable PAIN.

Make sure you take action. If the pain is reoccurring make a list of symptoms along with what you are eating, drinking and any medications for a proper diagnosis. A trip to the emergency room or clinic is critical if no relief from acute pain and especially if a high fever is experienced.

It may be a matter of life or death requiring action - especially if the little appendix gland is infected or worse, it burst. Infection can flood the abdomen causing sepsis poisoning leading to an untimely death in the weak or elderly.

The other common challenges to be aware of is IBS sometimes stealth, intestinal scarring that can lead to bowel blockages, constipation, ulcers or diverticulitis pockets in the bowel. Sometimes the pockets fill with fluid, and can cause fatigue, fever and stabbing pain if infected. People also need to be preventative; to look and test for red or black blood in the stool for any potential cancer risk too.  

Lastly, infection in the Gallbladder or gallstone blockages can be very painful with constipation and or loose stool plus intermittent fever. A fever confirms that immunity is fighting an infection.  However, high fever can exhaust the body and require electrolyte replenishing The Gallbladder is designed to store bile that is made in the liver to support fat digestion and balance pH in the gut. It gets overworked and may even fold over onto itself - blocking circulation and requiring removal. The surgery called Cholecystectomy has increased 500% in the last 20 yrs. And the irony is removing it creates more digestive problems for breaking down healthy dietary fats and oils – critical for health including; Vitamin A, E, EFA’s and K.  Using natural protocols like Aloe Vera Concentrate, reducing fried and junk foods in the diet, and adding a few extra food supplements while improving environmental factors is a winning protocol yet easier said than done. 

Risk Factors for Digestive Issues

* Diet & Digestive Issues

* Lack of Exercise

* Men & Women (higher when taking Estrogen)

* Obesity, Diabetes, Elderly & Pregnancy 

These Risk Factors are associated with Gallbladder problems and other gut pain for even a large majority of children and adults. Recent research states that Diet, Digestion and Toxicity are linked to over 130 auto-immune diseases now being diagnosed.

An inspiring Gallbladder Testimony from a brave woman Natalie gives a true life insight to therapeutic health. It was a painful awakening with all the symptoms and the doctor diagnosed her with stones. She decided to take health action and not rush to get surgery and see if health could win out.

First she improved her health factors cutting out the fried and other junk foods and ate more gluten free, healthy foods. Also she diligently took her Aloe, the Aloe Life Whole Leaf Juice Concentrate and Daily Greens Formula and her daily food supplements including probiotics before each meal. She also added a new specific herbal for a couple of months in liquid, designed for “advanced stones “by Whole World Botanicals and day by day her symptoms fell away. She told her daughter if symptoms came back, she would reconsider surgery yet she kept feeling better and better!

 Medical doctors are alarmed with how the body is revolting these days, even the GI tract shutting down refusing to process food and or water at times. And organs plus glandular weakness is becoming more of the norm. People need to heal from within and get back on track, eating more of the Mediterranean diet, low gluten and perhaps using a quality Aloe Vera concentrate, to support the gut and whole body to renew and Feel Good Again!

Reference: 2011, Beyond Gluten Intolerance – GIS, K.A. Masterson Koch

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