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Aloe Life

Advanced Back to Basics Skin Care Bundle - 10% Discount

Advanced Back to Basics Skin Care Bundle - 10% Discount

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Advanced Back to Basics Skin Care Kit contains Skin Gel 4oz, SG Aloe Mist 4oz, Face and Body Lotion 4oz, Aloe Gold Pint, Arctic Cod Liver Oil 90 Soft Gels, Solgar Liquid B-12 with B-Complex, Solgar Liquid Vitamin E, Solgar Ester - C plus,  Daily Greens 210 Tablets, Kampuku Beauty Bar Soap, Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics 30 Caps, Gift of Nature Book. This kit provides Rebalancing, Astringent and Renewal Support! Cleanse skin twice a day and apply Skin Gel or SG Aloe Mist and Face and Body Lotion to support New Skin Cell Growth, Skin Tightening and Encourage Repair, and Moisture Support. 1-2 oz of Aloe Life Juice Concentration each day with Daily Greens Tablets, B-Complex, Vit E , Cod Liver Oil, and Vit C may provide the internal support for Digestion and Nutrients to support healthy skin! Reference page 57 of Gift of Nature book and follow Diet #2 as tolerated!

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