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Aloe Life

Herbal Aloe Ear Wash Plus 1oz

Herbal Aloe Ear Wash Plus 1oz

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Herbal Aloe Ear Wash Plus 1oz create a pH balanced environment necessary to the natural healing process of the ear canal. The yellow sap of the WL Aloe Vera comforts swelling of the lining tissue immediately due to the natural occurring anti-inflammatory elements. Extracts of Calendula, Mullen, St. Johns Wort and Rosemary along with the Aloe Vera help to provide relief from trauma in the Ear Canal from Swimmers Ear, Colds, Pain, Vertigo and Annoying Itching. Herbal scent not oil or garlic based. Great for Animals too! 10% off on orders of 4 or more!Natural help for ear irritations, swimmers ear, discomfort, and itchy ears

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